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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I want the iPhone 4

Can't pass up an opportunity to watch this again!

And now the iPhone is available on Verizon
Anyone surprised? It's been rumored and was pretty accurately predicted by the tech blogs.  I was most excited about the hype and talk finally ending.  jeesh, it was ridiculous.  Sasha Segan from PC Mag wrote a funny/interesting/accurate article on the worship of Apple, the iPhone, and Verizon:   The Verizon iPhone Isn't the Mobile Messiah   

Also, it's interesting to note that no one has said anything about price, except device cost on contract, such as plan and feature costs.  I feel like they could do anything they want when it comes to plan no family plan minute/feature sharing, no sms/mms combined plans, more expensive data plans, etc.  Verizon is already the most expensive national carrier so it could easily be quite pricey.  They'd expect people to pay pretty much anything because they think they have the best and most premier cellular network and a lot of people think that too.  It's like they're swooping in to save everyone's terrible cell service and that service is priceless.  I guessing you've probably already read about the phone and how it's the same/slightly different than the current att version from pretty much every news or media outlet ever.  

The Wi-Fi hotspot feature on other phones right now is $20/month, not sure if it'll be the same for the iPhone.  I wouldn't be surprised if AT&T added this functionality to compete, it's software based and i'm sure it currently been omitted as they've taken great steps to curb the data demand on their network--although they've been working to improve capacity as well. If you jailbreak/root the GSM iPhone there's an app called MyWi that enables Wi-Fi hotspot, USB, and  bluetooth tethering--without having to pay a monthly fee.  Having a Wi-Fi hotpot is a lot less desirable if you can't use the phone when its on and it disconnects when you get a phone call.  The lack of simultaneous voice/data on Verizon's CDMA service is quite annoying these days, IMHO.

Some people criticize BGR for being too much of an Apple fan boy and reporting on their news more than others.  I kind of agree but whatever, I read multiple blogs and tech sites anyways.  And, this is all the more relevant since this is Apple news.  I thought these were really good articles that match a lot of my thinking on this topic.

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  5. Should I Buy a Verizon iPhone? (not BGR but good)

I'm actually very happy with my at&t service at the moment with where I live.  If that significantly changes or an LTE iPhone comes along then that might be a different story.  For now, let's just enjoy watching the mayhem.